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We are authorizized service competence center for safety equipment ...


Pajunautik: your authorized service centre
for the following makes:




The lifetime of a lifejacket is inherently limited (to ten years, as specified by the German association for maritime life-saving appliances FSR as well as equipment safety and product liability legislation).
A precondition for this lifetime is that the lifejacket be inspected by an authorized service centre or its manufacturer at least every two years.


A regular system inspection by our specialists includes checking of the buoyancy body for leakage and a thorough function check of the fully-automatic inflation system.

These are the same testa as are used during fabrication.




Nothing is left to chance: Inflated with compressed air, the lifejacket is tested for twelve hours, leaving no tear and no hole - no matter how small - undiscovered.

Visibly safe: The regular checks are documented with the FSR service badge, which indicates the month and year of the next scheduled inspection.


Date of service


Pajunautik - authorized service station for life-saving equipment


Other services from Pajunautik include:

  • Repairs
  • Rectification of any problems found during inspection and replacement of the complete protective cover or buoyancy body
  • Modification and retrofitting
  • Converting manual release mechanisms to automatic operation
  • Fitting spray protection hoods
  • Fitting emergency lighting and other signalling accessories

The full scheduled inspection consists of the following:

  • Sixteen hours leaktightness testing of the buoyancy body
  • Water test of automatic trigger mechanism with test disc and tablet
  • Manual test of hand trigger mechanism with test disc
  • Renewal of the trigger tablet
  • Renewal of seals
  • Function test of the mouth valve
  • Function test of the overpressure valve (on SOLAS lifejackets)
  • Inspection of seams and fittings
  • Inspection of the CO2 cartridge
  • Assembly with torque monitoring
  • Replacement of test badge, usage instructions and packaging
  • Documentation and final inspection according to QM system
  • Creation of an inspection report




For more information, read the
Adriamare article (PDF, German)




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